Buzzterds - Alternative-Rock from Berlin


"Throw me a smile, not only a kiss", no more and no less describes the goal of the Buzzterds.

Founded in 2019 in Berlin, shortly before several lockdowns, four men decided to put everything on one card and free themselves musically from all boundaries.

The Buzzterds combine influences from punk rock to power pop, do not serve drawers, but make music that comes from the heart. In doing so, they draw not only from their many years of musical experience, from various music projects, but above all from life experience. This is reflected in the emotional and profound lyrics, which are embedded in a sea of sounds. The Buzzterds are sometimes driving and sometimes slow, but always with a great recognition value.

To highlight this, they released their first EP in 2022: "Bringing back Innocence". 5 songs that are unparalleled and determined to play the big stages of this world.

Inspired by the positive feedback from their ever-growing fanbase, they return to the studio to finish their first LP: "Leaving Innocence". This will see the light of day in the summer of 2023. The goal of the Buzzterds is not exactly modest. Self-confidently, they want nothing more than rock domination. Out of conviction, out of joy and above all out of love for good music. In addition to the LP, a single release with a music video is planned, as well as numerous gigs in 2023/2024.


Niko Zorbas - Vocals / Guitar

Robert Wolany - Guitar / Backings

Matthias Affeldt - Bass / Backings

Marcin Ragira - Drums / Backings


Buzzterds · Leaving Innocence

Buzzterds · Bringing Back Innocence


Berlin, Power Indie Festival Stage A
Berlin, Fete de la Musique Frohnau
Berlin, Wild At Heart
Berlin, Arcanoa
Berlin, Brit-Pub
Berlin, Junction Bar
Berlin, Arcanoa
Berlin, Hafenbar Tegel


  • Buzzterds started in late 2019
  • EP "Bringing back innocence" released in November 2022
  • LP "Leaving Innoicence" released in August 2023



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Sylvia Wolany

+49 163 3108647
booking [at] buzzterds [dot] com

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